Stabbing Westward Discography

A Popular Music Band

The Stabbing Westward is a popular music band that has witnessed many ups and downs from the day of its inception to date. It is an American music band. The band was the creation of Walter Flakus and Christopher Hall. It came into existence in 1985 in Macomb, Illinois. In 1992, Stabbing Westward released a play. After this, it has achieved many successes by entertaining people with new releases. A few of its popular releases are UnGod, Darkest Days, Wither Blister Burn & Peel, and Stabbing Westward. The Stabbing Westward was released in 2001. However, the band declared dissolution, next year. But, it reunited in 2016. During this journey, it has entertained people with a lot of innovations and entertainment.


Stabbing Westward Journey

The band was the creation of Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus. They started this music band when they were students. During their college days, they came up with this idea and succeeded to give it a name. However, the Stabbing Westward got the desired success after the release of UnGod. The band focused on the lead vocals and bass guitar. It received the desired recognition from the following releases.

UnGod: 1993-1995

During this phase, the band had many well-known musicians and performers. A few of them are Stuart Zechman and David Suycott. The producer of UnGod was John Fryer, and it was recorded at Eden Studios, England. UnGod was released in 1994. Even if UnGod became popular across, the band experienced many changes. Some singers left the band due to personal differences, and the band thought of doing something new to regain popularity and reach more people. With this attempt, it released Wither Blister Burn & Peel.

Wither Blister Burn and Peel: 1995-1997

Wither Blister Burn and Peel became popular in 1996. It did not give the desired recognition to the band only. Also, it enabled the band to land the first certified gold album. "What Do I Have to Do?" and "Shame" were a few other releases that made them a family name across.

Darkest Days: 1998-2000

The band started to work on the Darkest Days in 1998. It was the only release by Mark Eliopulos. The “Save Yourself’ achieved success, but it could not make the same profit as its predecessor. “The Thing I Hate” and a few others were released during this period.

Darkest Days: 1998-2000

Walter Flakus, Christopher Hal, and Mark Eliopulos had some misunderstandings on the decision of the new manager to create an album based on pop. Mark Eliopulos left this band and created its own.

Post- breakup & Reunion

During the post-breakup, they worked on their respective albums. Christopher Hal released ‘Ethched in Blood’ in 2008. Walter Flakus worked on Chokt and The Clay People. However, Mark Eliopulos worked with HTH, Violent New Band, Brave Ulysses, and Super Model. But, the band reunited in 2015. Also, they declared their official union in two shows. The first one took place in September 2016. It was a charity festival organized on suicide prevention issues.
The Stabbing Westward is an industrial rock band. The band is compared to Nine Inch Nails due to its contribution to the music industry.