IWO JESUS,the 1989 4 song cassette EP that launched SW has been resurrected. The original EP was recorded in 1989 on an 8 track tape machine synched to an Emax II Sampler and an EMU SP1200 sampling drum machine. 100 copies were originally printed and sold both at local shows and in the legendary Wax Trax Record store in Chicago. The first time we walked into the store and Frankie from Thrill Kill Kult was playing our tape in the store I thought my heart was going to explode. Walter found the tape during a recent move and tried to remaster it but the tape was badly worn and was more noise than music. (which back then I would’ve considered a compliment). We made the decision earlier this year to attempt to recreate the original as faithfully as possible using what gear we had in our closets and utilizing more modern gear to fill in the gaps. It was difficult for me to not “improve” the songs. (It’s my perfectionist producer mentality). But we chose to let them remain trapped in 1989 and embrace the angsty industrial rage of the late 80’s. We pressed IWO JESUS as a limited edition of 300 Purple vinyl and reconstructed the original cassette artwork into a gorgeous 12 inch piece of history. Hope you enjoy owning it as much as Walter and I enjoyed making it. Chris.